What are the prospects for NFT?

NFT technology is almost universal. It can be used both for entertainment purposes (blockchain games, metaverses, music, sports) and for more serious ones (healthcare, politics). Therefore, the prospects are definitely positive.

Let's highlight the main trends in the sector in the near future:

  • Use of NFT in new areas of activity. 

NFTs will become more in demand in sectors where proof of ownership is important: virtual real estate, clothing and in-game assets, and the ticket market. Most likely, NFTs will increasingly be used as a digital marking of various goods or in the course of document verification, for example, to verify the authenticity of a university diploma. 

  • The growth of the social component. 

NFT will become even more in demand as a confirmation of high social status and access to a privileged community. Participation in closed clubs, whose members can participate in exclusive events, airdrops of new NFT collections.

  • Rising prices for virtual real estate in the metaverse. 

Large companies and brands are already showing interest in this sector. Ownership of digital assets in the metaverses is transferred using NFTs. 

  • Popularization of musical NFTs. 

In 2022, we will hear more than once about new collaborations between musicians and NFT projects. The NFT wants to change the way musicians monetize their work and therefore pay them per track. Buyers of the album in the form of NFTs also got the right to special privileges: virtual meetings with the artist, unreleased tracks, autographed merchandise and more.

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