NFTsky new token marketplace for earn on creypto currency


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How it works

How do I start using the product?

In order to use the main functions of the marketplace, you need a cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase wallet, Walletconnect), after the user creates a wallet, you need to connect it with the “Connect Wallet” site, and then confirm the actions in the interface of the wallet used.

As soon as the wallet is connected to the site, an interface with the balance on the wallet will appear and all the main functions of the site will open (sale, token exchange, token creation, collection creation).

How do I upload a token and create a collection?

To upload the token, there is a “create” button on the site, after which a window opens with detailed information about the token, Name, Link, Description, royalties, Number of copies.

Next are the details of the Marketplace, after filling in which the token is ready for unloading, it remains only to click on the “Create token” button

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Partnership with PointPayon NFTsky

Partnership with PointPay

Welcome to the NFT SKY!

26.05.2022, 06:47

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