How to protect yourself from fraud?

The best way to protect yourself from being scammed is to do due diligence and research on everyone you buy or trade NFTs with.

Among the ways available to anyone to verify an NFT seller are the following:

• verify the seller's identity and reputation in social networks

; • submit a request to the NFT platform support service;

• check the verification of the collection of tokens offered for sale, as well as its seller.

The main security rules:

• do not disclose the keys to your digital wallets, and it is advisable to use hardware cold wallets to store valuable NFTs;

• do not rush to open letters, files, tokens sent for free - the risk of getting a virus is too high;

• follow the standard rules for protecting your email and bank accounts using two-factor authentication;

• do not follow untrusted links, including from emails, it is best to use the "official link" (official links) from the NFT author's page on his page on the Discord server.

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