Connecting a crypto wallet

Your crypto wallet exists on the blockchain, it has an “ID”, cryptocurrencies and any NFTs that you have purchased.

When you create a crypto wallet, you receive a “seed phrase” – a set of words that allow you to recover your coins or NFTs if you lose access.

In order to make transactions from NFT to NFTsky, you need to connect your wallet to login. At the moment, MetaMask is integrated from wallets, but in the near future we will integrate 5+ new wallets!

After the user creates a wallet, it is necessary to link it to the Connect Wallet website, and then confirm the actions in the interface of the wallet used.

As soon as the wallet is connected to the site, an interface with the balance on the wallet will appear and all the main functions of the site will open (sale, exchange of tokens, creation of tokens, creation of a collection).

You can watch a detailed video here:

How to choose the right wallet?

The wallets are free, so explore each one to find the provider you like best. MetaMask is one of the most popular options for the Ethereum blockchain, available both as a mobile app and as a browser extension. Coinbase is a popular wallet that allows you to create a business account.

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