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NFTsky token holders pay smaller comissions, get early access to the marketplace newest features and receive premium exclusive offers on regular basis.
Buy SKY token and become crypto investor to get profit and benefits
Until next price: $...
1 SKY = 0.1 USDT
How to buy?
Why NFTsky?
Marketplace. NFTsky is a modern NFT Marketplace that agregates the best available features and innovations. We continiously support and update our technological parts for our users to get smooth and pleasant expierence. Buy, sell, trade and create any NFT assets with NFTsky.
Promotions. On our platform users can easily promote their NFTs and NFT Collections with unique Promotion system. All users are equal to advertise any NFT assets at the lowest price possible. Sell faster and for better price.
Play & Earn. We have NFT Roulette where all users can win unique NFT every day FOR FREE just for visiting NFTsky. We swap NFT collections for Roulette on regular basis for users to get more and more free tokens.
SKY token. Buying SKY tokens means even more profit for users using NFTsky. Your Investments upgrade Bonus Level for the NFTsky account to lower blockchain operation comissions, buy Marketplace services and get limited exclusive offers from partners.
Benefits and profits using SKY token from NFtsky crypto investing
SKY tokenomics
NFTsky fundrising utility token name
Token name
NFTsky fundrising utility token name
Total supply
NFTsky fundrising utility token name
Fundraing raise
10,000,000 USDT
Limited offer
NFTsky fundrising utility token name
0.1 USDT
NFTsky fundrising utility token name
Current Roadmap status
NFTsky team
CEO of NFTsky
Wesley Kelley
Product Director of NFTsky
Michael Mccoy
Product Director
UX Designer of NFTsky
Deanna Kim
UX Designer
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